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Please refer to the school calendar (tab above) for all important school event dates.

Bell Times

8:50am   -   Warning Bell & Music
9.00am   -   Class Bell
11:00am -   11:30am -  Recess
1:30pm -   Eat lunch inside
1:40pm -   2:30pm - Lunch
3:30pm   -   Dismissal

There is a teacher on yard duty from 8:45am until the bell goes at 9:00am sharp. It is recommended that students are at school by 8.50am to give plenty of time to get organised before the bell goes. Please remember if children are dropped off early they should be booked into before school care. Doors are unlocked at 8.30am when students can put their bags inside then go out again to play until the music commences at 8.50am. This will be the signal to come inside and get organised for the day. The bell will still ring at 9.00am for the start of classes. Any child who arrives after the bell must go to the office for a late pass.


Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s education. If you are able to assist please let your child’s teacher know. All volunteers now need a Working with Children Check. To apply go online or forms are available at the Post Office. We are required to hold a photocopy of the check in a register held at the office

All visitors other than drop off or pick up to the school must sign in and out of the Visitors Book, located on the counter at the front office. They must wear a visitor badge at all times whist at the school. This is a legal requirement in case of an emergency.


Before & After School Care

The school runs a before school program and after school program to provide care for primary school aged children. The program offers a range of activities in a safe and convenient location. While there are fees for the program, the Commonwealth Government has assistance available to help with the cost of child care, through Centrelink childcare benefit and childcare rebate. There is a cancellation fee when permanent bookings are cancelled within 48 hour of the booking.

For further enquiries please email

Travelling To And From School

Bus travel is available for our students. "Students are eligible for free school bus travel provided they live further than 4.8km from the nearest government school they will be attending".
The bus driver or the school has the right to exclude any child from travelling on the bus if his/her behaviour is unacceptable.  The school must be advised if a change to normal routine occurs.  RC Primary staff supervise children on to the buses each afternoon.  (please contact Gisborne Secondary College)

Walking or riding to school is a great way to get a healthy start to the day. It is also a good opportunity to teach your child about traffic safety. Children riding bikes or scooters to and from school must obey the road and school rules.  THEY MUST  ALL WEAR A HELMET AND NOT RIDE ON THE CROSSING OR IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS. A bike rack is outside the front office and all bikes and scooters must be kept there for the duration of the school day.


RCPS whole school assembly is at 3pm every Friday in the Performance Centre. Everyone is welcome. Each class is rostered on to run the assembly. On the last day of term assembly is at 2pm (Please check the newsletter for the time of the last assembly of the year).

School Leaders & House Captains - Red, Blue, Green & Yellow

Grade 6 students have the opportunity to be nominated for positions of responsibility within the school. There is a selection process which includes written application, interview and speaking to house and school groups. All students are provided with a reversible bucket hat in the colour of their house team - either red, blue, green or yellow. Replacement hats are available at the front office , payment via Qkr! $14.50

Playground Supervision

There are two teachers on yard duty at all times during recess and lunch. There is also a teacher on yard duty from 8:45am—9:00am and also in the afternoon from 3:30pm—3:45pm. Each day a teacher is rostered on to escort bus travellers to the designated bus pickup point.

First Aid/Medical

In the case of minor accidents, first-aid will be administered at school.  If your child has a medical condition, you need to inform the Principal and your child’s teacher. If your child needs to take medication during school hours, you should talk with their teacher or Principal about necessary arrangements and provide written instructions for storing and administering the medication. Paracetamol or aspirin is not available at school. Medical forms can be picked up from the office and can be found on this website.

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