To start primary school your child must turn five years of age, or older, by 30 April of the year that they will start school.  

To enrol a student at our school, Riddells Creek Primary School will need to be your designated neighbourhood school. Use findmyschool.vic.gov.au to search for your local government school. This is the official and most up to date school zones map. (If your child is already enrolled at a school and your local zone changes, you do not need to re-enrol at another school.)

You will need to complete a Student Enrolment Form and provide:

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)

  • Proof of Residency (Rates notice/utility bill, ect)

  • names and addresses of the child and parents, guardians and carers

  • parents' phone numbers (home, work, mobile) and email addresses

  • names and contact details of emergency contacts

  • doctor's name and phone number

  • Immunisation Status Certificate

  • health and welfare information - for example, does your child have asthma, diabetes, allergies, poor eyesight or hearing

  • specific custody arrangements

  • information about the language/s your child speaks and hears (to help the school build on your child's knowledge)

School staff will provide you with the appropriate enrolment forms and will organise an interpreter if required.


Please click on this link to download an enrolment form and see the transition dates.....2020 Enrolment Form   complete the form and then drop it in at the office (or send it by post).


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